Outdoor Kitchen Distributors is Your Supplier for Multifamily PGS Grills

Get ready to enhance your outdoor amenity spaces in 2024 with our curated range of grills and heaters tailored for your multifamily projects!

Discover why PGS grills are the industry benchmark, providing elegance and durability to any outdoor setting. Get ahead of the curve with exclusive access to design files that will streamline your planning process and bring visionary outdoor experiences to life.

Outdoor Kitchen Distributors is your supplier for AEI / PGS. Stop by or call us for your copy of the MultiFamily Brochure. Our contractor go-to guy Greg, is happy to talk with you or your contractor on all the fine points. Spring isn’t that far off – time to get your designs into reality soon!

The MultiFamily Brochure is also available on our website

Outdoor Kitchen Distributors is your supplier for AEI. Ask Greg, our contractor go-to guy!