Built-in Grills & Access.

Built-in Grills & Access.

Why consider an outdoor gas grill?

Choose the right outdoor patio grill for your blank spaces at residential construction sites. It’s a great opportunity to define spaces where residents can grill, relax, and rave about your project to future clients.

-Apartment Complexes: Large developments are routinely carving out intimate gathering spaces with a portable LP grill at different locations.

-Gated Communities: The trend to develop residential communities for the over 50 or over 65 demographic has become increasingly competitive.

-Condominiums: Installing natural gas grills can demonstrate an HOAs responsiveness to residents.

-Multi-Family Homes: The cost of permits, materials, labor, inspections, and taxes have caused rents to increase. Little extras such as an LP grill, can make renters feel appreciated.

-Resorts: Whether you are building a luxury resort or lucrative timeshare, a permanent outdoor stainless steel natural gas grill with accessories is already trending.