Gas Grills

Gas Grills

Natural Gas or Propane?

Stationary or Moveable?

Replacement parts?

Outdoor Kitchen Distributors has many options for natural gas or propane grills, for commercial or residential use.

When it comes to our grills, the difference is found in the materials, craftsmanship, and function. 

Adding a new grill to any outdoor living and entertaining space is a great option. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial outdoor grill, getting one that is permanent and built into a larger outdoor kitchen is a great option. The range of options that you have to choose from picking a grill and adding it to your outdoor space gives you incredible control and style opportunities. Further, these grills offer plenty of benefits and amenities and can be fun to enjoy as users will be able to prepare amazing meals for years to come. 

Come see our display of drop-in head grills and pedestal grills. There’s one here just for you!