Patio Heaters and Infrared Heaters

Patio Heaters and Infrared Heaters

The PATIO COMFORT line by AEI Corporation represents over 45 years of experience in the outdoor heating industry to provide an appliance that creates a warming “circle of heat” by utilizing superior design and materials throughout. Patio Comfort outdoor infrared patio heaters are designed and crafted to bring warmth, comfort, and enjoyment to your “alfresco” dining and entertaining events.

The clean, efficient, and draft free infrared radiant heat feels just like the sun, warming people and objects, while not wasting valuable energy trying to heat air. No longer does the outdoor fun and entertaining have to stop when the sun goes down! 

PATIO COMFORT heaters can provide the perfect outdoor comfort heating solution and are available in a wide variety of colors, mounting options, and are available in both propane and natural gas models. 

Why buy a propane patio heater?

Portability and flexibility of placement are key advantages to a propane powered heater. No installation costs. After a patio is completed it can be expensive to install natural gas or electric heaters so propane fueled heater provide a viable solution. Always check your local codes and ordinances to be sure there are no restrictions to outdoor propane fired heaters and fuel storage in commercial applications.

What is the warranty on Patio Comfort?

Residential warranty: 1 year Commercial warranty: 120 days

Why Patio Comfort vs. Others?

Patio Comfort heaters is an AEI Exclusive product line. We designed the line and it is an excellent “medium duty” heater that is better than any other heater available today with the exception of Sunglo. Patio Comfort has a heavy duty 400 series stainless steel burner, one piece anodized aluminum reflector, commercial grade emitter grid, piezo ignition, brass valves and wheel kits are included. Most importantly, we fully stock replacement parts, which are hard to find with “other” medium to low duty patio heaters.

This is very important. The basic clearance from combustible materials for freestanding portable heaters is 18″ from top of reflector and 24″ from side of reflector. Do not place these heaters near any sprinkler systems.

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