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Widely acclaimed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker, the Big Green Egg was derived from an ancient clay cooking device known as a “kamado.” Originally a clay vessel with a lid, today’s EGG is a modern ceramic marvel known for producing amazing culinary results for the novice and expert alike for over thirty years!

Features Include:

  • Industry leading design and patented features
  • Useable range of 200 degrees to over 750 degrees
  • Solid, rugged construction performs in any weather for year round use
  • Natural lump charcoal lights fast and is ready to cook in minutes
  • Ecologically friendly, no chemical lighter fluids needed
  • Big Green Egg brand natural lump charcoal produces very little ash as unburned coals are reused
  • Exterior surface stays cooler than metal
  • Unique green non-toxic glazed exterior does not fade or discolor
  • Precision hinge allows for easy on hand opening and closing
  • Patented stainless steel draft door features a mesh screen for maximum safety
  • Cushioned gasket improves insulation and sealing quality
  • Standard features include a Made in the USA stainless steel cooking grid and precision external temperature gauge
  • Wide variety of other quality grilling accessories to maximize versatility

More Info

Warranty issues can be taken care of by any Big Green Egg dealer, whether the original seller or not.  Please see warranty guidelines for specific warranty informations.  Warranty process is simple – fill out the warranty form and return it to Outdoor Kitchen with a photo of the defective part.  All warranties should be processed through Outdoor Kitchen.  If there are questions regarding whether or not a part is under warranty, call your distributor.  Do not call (or have your consumer call) Big Green Egg directly, you/they will simply be referred back to Outdoor Kitchen.

Please note that labor and freight are not covered under warranty.

Please be advised that ceramic and cast iron components cannot be shipped via UPS due to breakage.  It is necessary for these pieces to ship via freight line  on a pallet in order to arrive intact.